Queen of Earth

Queen of Earth
Two women retreat to a lake house to get a break from the pressures of the outside world, only to realize how disconnected from each other they have become, allowing their suspicions to bleed into reality.


> No entertainment, just a character study. Films are made for many purposes and I don't know what this one is about. They say it is a psychological-thriller, but yes, there is some psychology in it, but definitely no thriller, just a boring drama which means a character study material. The entire film was shot in a lake house and occasionally its surrounding area. There is no story in it, just the characters and they're being themselves that narrated in the days basis for a week, but those days were from the random years without a clear picture of what date, month or the year. There is lots of close up shots like it pushes you back from your seat suppose if you are leaning towards the front. The cinematography was what I felt uncomfortable, but overall not bad. I think the actors were good, both Katherine Waterston and Elisabeth Moss, just for this film because I've seen them in the better roles. Low budget and limited cast film, as well as short but not sweet as I anticipated. So I don't think everybody would enjoy it, I don't know who is the target audience, but I'm sure it will reach them who are going to defend it from people like me. Those who are not seen it, but want to, I only advise them to be careful while choosing it. 3/10
Writer and director Alex Ross Perry's psychological drama has a raw and magisterial performance from Elisabeth Moss. She plays Catherine who with Katherine Waterston as Ginny are two women who grew up together and are spending a week at a remote lake house retreat which they did the previous year. This year Catherine's mood is in turmoil possibly due to the death of her father and the ending of a relationship with her boyfriend. Both women realise that they have drifted apart even though they always seemed to have had a troubled relationship with a constant needling of each other. Ginny whose own mind was in upheaval the year before recognises that Catherine is in a far depressive mood, even on the edge of madness. Catherine is not happy that this year Ginny has bought with her an interloper in Rich played by Patrick Fugit whom she hates. There are a lot of moody shots in this film, Moss looks great all dishevelled but the film is not much, an inconclusive, sombre Scandinavian inspired melodrama.