Swatted 2019

Some game trolls in the United States make a sport of getting other players “swatted” live during the game: they find out someone’s name and address, fake his caller ID, and make a bogus 911 call. The next thing you know, a SWAT team armed to the teeth is bursting into his house and giving him the fright of his life. This is all streamed live on camera, of course, so everyone can be in on the joke. Swatted is a cinematic exploration of this phenomenon based on 911 calls by offenders, YouTube videos of games and raids, and first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be swatted.

Golden Pussy 2018

An affluent feline and respected crime investigator – attempts to thwart the devious plans of his arch nemesis Professor Bork.

Crime Behind Bars 2018

In 1967, an upper-class woman constantly relives the crime of the murder of her husband along with his lover. She realizes that her thoughts have no turning back, generating a paranoia in her days.

Alone 2017

In the aftermath of a devastating virus, a group of people try to survive each day and all that the incident has brought upon them. Only five percent of the population remain, and none of them know why they are alive, nor for how much longer they will be.

Prema Pain Mahabharat 2019

Premo Pain Mahabharat is an Odia movie starring Sambit, Sritam Das and Pintu Nanda in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Niranjan Behera, with Abhijit Majumdar as the musician, forming part of the crew.

Parking Closed 2019

Rocky is expelled from his college due to his girlfriend and her friends. Furious Rocky decides to take revenge and takes up a job as a security guard at a shopping mall, often visited by his girlfriend. He then invites her to the basement of the mall. What is Rocky's agenda? Will things go as per his plan? What triggered Rocky to take this extreme step?

End Counter 2019

A crooked cop Sameer with a good heart is neck deep into illegal encounters in cahoots with his childhood friend Jagga. When his live-in partner Renu discovers this, she tries to change him. Will Sameer be able to make the switch from bad to good?

La Gioconda - Opera Bruxelles 2019

Conspiracies and regattas form the backdrop to the fortunes of a young singer. Harassed by a heartless spy, she sacrifices everything to save the man she loves and the woman he prefers over her. Ponchielli based his flamboyant opera on Victor Hugo’s play Angelo, tyrant of Padua. An expert on Hugo, director Olivier Py offers us a dream-like version of this dark Romantic tragedy, presided over by sex and death. Paolo Carignani conducts an exceptional cast in the six demanding main roles.

Dosti Ke Side Effects 2019

Shrishti (Sapna Chaudhary), Ranvir (Vikrant Anand), Gaurav (Zuber Kamal Khan) and Avni (Anju) belong to different strata of society, but their hearts are one. When Shrishti's father, an honest teacher is falsely implicated in a question paper scam, he commits suicide, resulting in Shrishti's family leaving the city. Ranvir is also forced to leave the city when his mother discovers an extra-marital affair of his father. The four friends depart only to reunite in college. While they are enjoying their lives in college, things take a turn when Gaurav wins the college president election against Ranvir. Ranvir avenges his defeat in a way that none of the friends would have ever imagined. The chaos drifts the friends apart again. Will these friends be able to rekindle their friendship again?

The Golden Legend 2019

The swimming pool has played an important role throughout film history – most often as a romping ground for the sophisticated and hedonistic Dolce Vita. But it can be so much more, even sinister, as in Sunset Boulevard. In Leyenda dorada a rather unglamorous swimming pool of diminished charm forms the focal point of the story. A lazy summer’s day in the Spanish village of Montánchez, and people of all ages enjoy themselves at the outdoor pool. It is an almost utopian depiction of community, under the lofty, watchful gaze of Our Lady of Consolation. While conflicts, aggression, rivalries and animosities have a siesta, the villagers take a well-deserved break. Formally, the film draws on the tradition of New Objectivity. But unlike Robert Siodmak’s Menschen am Sonntag (1930) and its lido sequence, this is a wee summer fairy tale.

Saheb 2019

The plot revolves around a youngster Malhar, who is very impulsive by Nature and accepts any challenge without even thinking about the consequences. When he loses his friend due to the negligence of the system, he decides to fight against the corrupt system. As Malhar's agitation becomes stronger, he is threatened for his life by the Chief Minister. However, this does not deter him and he challenges to dethrone the Chief Minister from power in 30 days. Will Malhar face the consequences of his impulsive nature? Will Malhar be able to avenge his friend's death?

Rainbow Fields 2019

Rainbow Fields is an Assamese movie starring Dipannita Sharma and Victor Banerjee in prominent roles. The movie also stars Nakul Vaid, Naved Aslam, Nipon Goswami and Panchi Bora. It is a drama directed by Bidyut Kotoky with Anurag Saikia as musician, forming part of the crew.

African Violet 2019

When Fereydoun's children put him in a nursing home, his ex-wife Shokoo takes him to her house although her new husband does not quite approve.

Shirin's Castle 2019

When the mother of a separated family dies, Jalal the father returns to sort things out but he does not want to take the children with him.

23 Nafar 2019

The story of 23 young Iranian warriors who were captivated by Iraqi army.