Biography of a Motion Picture Camera 1950

The prehistory of the cinema as we know it today, with its great inventors: Marey, Muybridge, Reynaud, Edison, the brothers Lumière and their great inventions: the kinetoscope, the praxinoscope, the chromophotograph, the film camera.

The City of Mirrors: A Fictional Biography 2016

Mom and Dad live in a small house in Buôn Ma Thuột, in the central highlands of Vietnam. Dad goes to work as a guard in the forest. Mom stays home. Dad dies of liver cancer. Mom moves home. The future, 2048. The son is 13,000 km from home. Mom lives alone on a mountain. Vietnam is submerged in an everlasting rain.

Biography Presents: The Antoinette Tuff Story 2018

This special will feature a sit-down interview with American hero Antoinette Tuff, whose bravery saved a Georgia learning Academy from a gunman. Also includes interviews with other key players involved in this story of an ordinary woman with extraordinary courage.

Amy Winehouse: Soul Siren (Unauthorised Biography) 2014

Amy Winehouse’s tremendous soulful vocal talent and songwriting ability established her as one of the most innovative artists of our time. She used the sound of her idols, Etta James & Billie Holiday, to reinvent jazz and blues for a new generation in her album Back To Black, which sold millions of copies worldwide and garnered her countless accolades, including 5 Grammy Awards. This is the story of how in just 27 short years, Amy Winehouse managed to influence the music community, fashion world and a legion of fans that understood her best through her musical genius.

Biography: Dwight D. Eisenhower 1996

Dwight D. Eisenhower lived a life marked by extraordinary success. A West Point graduate whose military know-how catapulted him through the U.S. Army ranks Eisenhower's steadfast leadership helped turn the tide of World War II. His intellect and skillful diplomacy later paved the way to the White House where he served two productive terms as president. In his role as commander-in-chief Eisenhower became a well-respected and dedicated advocate for peace and human rights throughout the world. In this compelling profile friends family colleagues and noted historians shed light on one of the nation's greatest heroes. Rare footage reveals the defining moments of Eisenhower's life-from his military victories to his presidential inauguration. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER: COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF is the authoritative program about the life and legacy of this remarkable American icon. DVD Features: Interactive Menus; Scene Selection.

The Moody Blues - Video Biography

The story of prog rock band The Moody Blues, featuring interviews with producers Tony Clarke and Derek Varnals and music journalists Keith Altham and John Mendelssohn.

Biography: Bob Hope: America's Entertainer 2003

His career started in the glory days of vaudeville. More than 70 years later, he is revered as the most popular and influential entertainer of the century, the show-biz giant all others are measured against. On stage and screen, on TV and radio, on Broadway and USO stages worldwide, Bob Hope has enjoyed a career of unmatched popularity. In this special, feature-length presentation, BIOGRAPHY traces his remarkable life, from his vaudeville debut he had third billing, behind a trained seal to entertaining the troops of Desert Storm. Extensive clips capture his greatest performances, while family photos and the recollections of friends, colleagues and family provide an intimate portrait of the private man.

Kim Jong Un: The Unauthorized Biography 2015

He is the living God of the 9th nuclear power of the world, raised in secrecy to take over the commands of the North Korean regime. Investigators travel to Switzerland, the USA and Asia to find those who really know Kim and try to profile the new leader.

Strange Fruit: The Biography of a Song

Strange Fruit is the first documentary exploring the history and legacy of the Billie Holiday classic. The song's evolution tells a dramatic story of America's radical past using one of the most influential protest songs ever written as its epicenter. The saga brings viewers face-to-face with the terror of lynching even as it spotlights the courage and heroism of those who fought for racial justice when to do so was to risk ostracism and livelihood if white - and death if Black. It examines the history of lynching, and the interplay of race, labor and the left, and popular culture as forces that would give rise to the Civil Rights Movement.

Molly Brown: Biography of a Changing Nation 2007

The life of Margaret Brown spanned one of the greatest periods of change in American history. Her true significance was obscured by Hollywood and its manufactured moniker, Molly, but the real Margaret Brown story eclipses the movie mythology, revealing the rhythms of life in a rapidly changing nation. Molly Brown: Biography of a Changing Nation provides an authentic portrait of the progressive reformer who embodied the great movements of her time and the power of individual action.

NASCAR Hall of Fame Biography: Dale Earnhardt 2010

Profiling Dale Earnhardt, one of five inaugural inductees. The seven-time Cup Series champ known as "The Intimidator" won 76 races before his tragic death in the 2001 Daytona 500. Earnhardt's No. 3 was retired from the circuit.

Game Recognize Game: An Unauthorized Biography 2007

The life of Grammy-nominated rapper the Game is chronicled in this hourlong documentary that tells of his rise from violent street gangs and drug dealing to the top of the music charts with hits such as "Hate It or Love It." Get an intriguing glimpse at the man behind the rap, from his early family life to his stint in foster care, from his brush with death to the release of his multiplatinum album "The Documentary."

The Unauthorised Biography of Johnny Cash 2005

Music On Demand Presents - "The Unauthorized Biography of Johnny Cash" is the real story of America's most beloved music icon. Come walk the line with the man and his music, and uncover all the facets of a truly larger-than-life American hero.

Lady Gaga: On the Edge 2012

This is the inspirational and contemporary story of pop star Lady Gaga. From a one-on-one interview hosted by Paris Hilton, special appearances from celebrities including Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Madonna, to riveting performances including hit singles Born This Way and Bad Romance, get to know the real Gaga through unbelievable stories from those who know her and follow her every move.