The Customer Is Always Right 2019

Britain’s best entrepreneurs put their precious products to the customer test. Customers will unbox, test and score to find the day’s winner.

Vice Live 2019

Join comedians Marie Faustin, Zack Fox, Sandy Honig and rapper Fat Tony every night, live from VICE's headquarters in Brooklyn.

He Is Psychometric 2019

Lee Ahn (Park Jin Young) has the ability to read one’s secrets when he touches someone and he decides to use it to take bad people down. While he doesn’t know how to control his power yet, he meets Yoon Jae In (Shin Ye Eun), a woman who tries her best to hide her secrets. They will team up to solve cases.

Julie's Magic Touch 2016

Ambiance stylist Julie Asselin oversees the makeover of an advertised property with the goal of selling it more quickly and for a better price.


Danish version of the cooking competition in which celebrity chefs put a group of contestants through a series of challenges and elimination rounds, in order to turn one home cook into a culinary master.

The Chase – Israel 2017

A game show where contestants must compete against 'The Chasers,' a cast of eccentric and pompous know-it-all characters, in a variety of questions in order to win money by answering more of them correctly than the Chasers. Based on the successful British format.

Un Poquito Tuyo 2018

Un poquito tuyo is a Mexican telenovela produced by Imagen Televisión. It stars Marjorie de Sousa and Jorge Salinas. It is an adaptation of the Chilean telenovela titled Tranquilo papá created by Rodrigo Bastidas. The start of production began on 31 October 2018. It premiered on 25 February 2019