Unleashed Despair

Unleashed Despair
The members of Oración Seis stop fighting Fairy Tail and resume their mission of casting Anti-Links on the celestial wizards hidden in churches, completely lifting the seal on the Infinity Clock's true form, a massive, clockwork dreadnought. Byro, meanwhile, tells Natsu's team of his orders from Lapointe to bring Lucy to Zentopia's archbishop. With Oración Seis's plan complete, "Michelle" reveals her true identity as a member of Oración Seis, Imitatia, who posed as Lucy's relative to manipulate Fairy Tail into helping them. She also reveals her authority as archbishop given to her by the real one, forcing Byro to follow her orders, and kidnaps Lucy.
Title Unleashed Despair
Genres Action & Adventure Animation Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Release Date 2012-08-18
Episode Runtime 00 Hours 25 Minutes
Season Number 3
Episode Number 48
Production Companies A-1 Pictures, SATELIGHT